Friday, 25 March 2016

Bee honey dippers

At the moment I am totally uncreative, there aren't any crafts I feel like doing. After my huge list of handmade gifts at Christmas time (and the birthdays around the same time) I just get worn out and don't craft for awhile. But it is March now, this weekend is Easter and other than my sister's birthday in January, I haven't made a single present. 

I have a birthday present to finish in just over a week (and by finish I mean I also need to start it)! Hopefully starting on this handmade gift will help me get the creative bug again.

Luckily for my blog, I have plenty of goodies I've made and haven't yet shared. Like these honey dippers.

I know they're not commonly used anymore but they are cute in their own right. Personally I think I made them even cuter with the little bee designs I burnt into them. I made tips for my wood burning pen to create the basic outlines to keep them consistent, then just added in the details.

I've given a few of these as gifts, and a few have been added to my "selling box". My selling box is where the items go that I've made just out of enjoyment, not intended for anyone in particular, just my one day I'm going to have a market stall or website where I can sell my creations. I am happy that it at least has been added to since Christmas.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Summer Flowers 2016

I realised it has been quite awhile since I've posted photos of my flowers. There aren't many at the moment, it has been pretty hot this summer - I think that is the reason my callas are only just starting to pop up (they are supposed to flower in Summer, technically it is now Autumn). Hopefully there is still a chance they will flower.
A lot of these are new flowers I've added to my garden as we are thinking about getting a native bee hive. After researching I'm trying to add lots of white and yellow flowers and I will now try to avoid the red flowers as bees don't see red.

Here's hoping I have lots more beautiful flowers to share soon!
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