Friday, 11 December 2015

Agate Pendants

Years ago I bought some polished agate on eBay to make pendants for my little sister and my sister in law. Then I came across the agate again while browsing on eBay, which has resulted in some lovely pendants for myself and as gifts.

The blue one at the end is my favourite and I wear it most of the time, it has pretty much replaced my tree of life wire wrap pendant that I used to wear. They are quite big (and therefore quite heavy) and as yet I haven't found a chain I like for them,one day I will find the perfect one!

I enjoy making these pendants and find that I make around five of them each time I sit down to make one, they are quite addictive little projects to make. Now that I've been writing about them and looking through the photos I really feel like making more. Unfortunately Christmas is not too far away and I still have a lot to do - and not enough time as usual!
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