Friday, 27 November 2015

Etched Martini Glasses

I love glass etching, but it is impossible to photograph glass thanks to all the reflections. Bumping up the contrast quite a bit helps the etched design show up a little better in photos.

These martini glasses were an 18th birthday present for my husbands cousin. I used my Silhouette machine and a feather design from their store for the stencils. 

Curved glass makes it a bit difficult with the stencil as it bubbles and causes the stencil to lift in some spots. Luckily this design was pretty forgiving where the cream leaked out.

I still need to try glass etching with my Dremel - I was so excited about buying one and I've hardly used it. I did try engraving a pet tag myself and I had trouble keeping the Dremel steady so it has put me off the idea of using it for glass etching when I can just use my etching cream. Although not all glass takes with the etching cream, so I'm sure there will be a day where I have no choice but to try it!
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