Friday, 19 June 2015

Christmas 2013

Since I've been busy (by that I mean slack at updating my blog) I realised I never shared my handmade gifts for Christmas 2013!

I had been a little obsessed with woodburning, which meant everyone got a wooden spoon for Christmas! I made up a vine/leaf design and sketched it onto each wooden spoon before I started burning them.

With the wooden spoon I also gave a tea towel and I made everyone a jar of sweet chilli sauce using my favourite recipe.

Oh and of course everyone got to enjoy my rumballs - I think they are expected every year now!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Find and seek

It is getting close to two years since my last blog post, unfortunately life got busy and my blog got forgotten! To add to that, my creative side has dwindled and I feel like I only ever make gifts. I don't seem to have the time - or the motivation - to just craft for the fun of it.

So my new plan is to be organised, I have been buying more gifts rather than making them, and also planning way ahead to avoid frustrating mistakes and deadlines. I have been completing unfinished projects, starting new ones, as well as starting a few draft blog posts!

Before publishing any new posts I felt that my blog needed a new banner, but I just couldn't decide what I wanted, so the blog has been waiting...

Yesterday I was sorting through my vase of origami lucky stars as I wanted the colours to match our home. Sitting there with a pile of stars covering my desk made me realise that it would look great as my blog banner.

After thinking about it while sorting stars, I decided that it would be cute to add some of my little decorations into the mix to turn it into a find and seek banner.

I did find my set up difficult to photograph because the camera couldn't get it all in focus, but its not too bad considering my camera skills. The best thing about my new banner? I think I'm finally happy with this one - we'll see how long that lasts...
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